Have you ever dreamed about participating in an archaeological excavation?

Do you enjoy adventures out in the summer sun?

Have you ever longed to touch something straight out of the history books?

During the month of July 2011, Grand-Pré National Historic Site, in the town of Grand-Pré, in the Annapolis Valley of Nova Scotia, will be offering a Public Archaeology Program. The program lasts one day and offers a chance to experience what it is to work on an archaeological site. Be the first to discover objects that haven’t been seen by a human eye in centuries!

And how much experience do you need, you ask? Absolutely none.

Note: The Grand-Pré Public Archaeology Program has ended for the season. To read about what we worked on in 2011 or to see some photos from the dig, please visit the Grand-Pré archaeology blog. Of Cemeteries and Cellars: The Archaeological Diary of Grand-Pré.